The Strip

Also Sold As: New York Strip, Kansas City Strip, Top Sirloin (which has nothing to do with the Sirloin primal of the steer, or the Sirloin Steak, which is an entirely different cut), Top Loin, Shell Steak (when sold bone-in), Contre-filet

Where It’s Cut From: The Longissimus dorsi muscle, towards the rear-end of the steer in the Short loin primal (that’s the primal just behind the ribs)

What It Tastes Like: Tight texture with a definite grain means strip steaks are moderately tender, but still have a bit of chew. Good marbling and a strong beefy flavor. Not as robust as ribeye, but much easier to trim with no large pockets of fat, making it an easy-to-cook, easy-to-eat cut. A favorite of steakhouses.

The Best Way to Cook It: Pan-frying, grilling, broiling. It’s easier to grill than ribeyes, as less fat means less flarreups, and less burning.